API integration reliability as a service

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Why apitracker?

Real-time issue and utilization alerts

We'll alert you of any integration issues before your customers do.

All-in-one dashboard & search

Stop bouncing between APM & log aggregation tools. Use universal search to find the payload that caused the last outage


Add auto-retry and circuit breakers to your integrations without writing any code

Zero code changes

Easy implementation, without any code changes

Real time alerts

  • Be the first to know when there are issues
  • AI-powered anomaly detection lets you focus on the problems that matter
  • Quickly identify root cause with deep packet inspection

All-in-one dashboard

  • See the health and usage of all the APIs you depend on
  • Production-ready dashboard
  • SLA and latency reports you can trust

Capture everything

  • All data is capture for unparalleled troubleshooting
  • Native support for Rest, GraphQL and gRPC

Easy to implement

  • Simply change the API URL to apitracker
  • SDK for python and nodejs

"apitracker saves me hours debugging and setting up monitoring for critical API integrations"

Eric Fennell

Senior Software Engineer at H-E-B Digital

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