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API Tracker’s simple drop-in solution makes it easy to track and manage third-party APIs. With deep visibility, reliability and data privacy controls, it’s never been easier to make your integrations robust and reliable - for free!

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What does API Tracker do?

  • Deep visibility

    Successfully managing third-party API integrations requires deep, actionable insights - but developing and maintaining those systems takes time and taxes your engineering resources. API Tracker delivers clear analytics on application errors and performance - just drop in the API Tracker SDK and we take care of the rest!

  • Reliability

    Other tools like APMs and synthetic testing apps can’t increase the reliability of your third-party integrations. With API Tracker, you can increase robustness and prevent issues that affect your customers by applying reliability features - from auto-retry and asynchronous request queuing to failover and schema change detection - uniformly across all of your integrations.

  • Data privacy & control

    If you’re using APIs, you have a responsibility to track and control shared personal data. Audit logs and data policy controls can help ensure compliance with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, PCI and other data privacy regulations.

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Why API Tracker?

Flexible deployment models

Choose from one of our SDKs, hosted proxy or on-prem deployment options. With our SDK, you’ll gain deep insights across all of your integrations, for free.

Robustness & Reliability Uniformly Applied Across Your Integrations

Add visibility, reliability and data privacy controls across all of your third-party API integrations uniformly.

Secure & privacy-first

We take data privacy and security seriously. You own your data and have complete control over when data is sent to and stored with API Tracker. We let you easily turn off payload capture and mask fields that you don’t want sent to us.

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